Guide to Portland Area Literature

In order to make NA Literature available to meetings in the Portland Area during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the following processes have been defined to achieve this goal, while keeping everyone involved as safe as possible. As it becomes safe to do so, these processes will be relaxed.  Keep an eye on this space for changes.
When ordering literature, make sure your order is complete seeing the Order Received page after clicking the Place Order button.
Literature pick up will be held on the same day as the Area Service meeting.
When picking up your literature order:
Bring exact change
Be understanding that this won’t be easy for anyone.

Order by midnight, March 28th.

How to Order Literature

Read this guide first..
Order your literature as you would from any online store. Enter a quantity and hit “Add to cart.”
To see what you have ordered, click on the shopping cart in the menu above.
When you are finished adding your items, please click “Checkout.”.
Follow the directions and click the Place Order button at the bottom of the form.
You should see an Order Received page with order details to print. If you don’t, then you don’t have an order.

Pick up literature, March 30th.

How to Pick Up Literature

Read this guide first..
Make sure your order was received. Only orders received online will be filled. No paper orders will be processed.
Payment can be made with cash in an envelope, check or money order. Make sure your name and group name are written somewhere on the payment. Payment should be for the exact amount due.
Checks and Money Orders should be made out to “PALSC”. Sometimes money orders must be filled out at time of purchase.
Payment and Pickup will be done from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 5415 SE Powell St., Portland. (St. Mark’s Lutheran Church)
Your patience will be greatly appreciated while we work out the kinks in this new way to distribute literature.